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Pissinboy is a London based rock trio formed in 2007 by Andrea Piro (lead vocals, guitar), Graham Mushnik (drums, organ) and Tel “Mig” Castle (bass).
The name “Pissinboy” comes from a series of sketches and drawings by Piro representing urinating male characters, that somehow inspired the start of the band.

Piro and Graham played as a duet for a couple of years and recorded an EP, “Always Find You”, that was released on Catapulte Records early 2009. Recorded in the band’s basement, this 4-track EP sounds very low-fi and has accents of punk, folk and Italian pop.

Pissinboy became a trio again when Voyant joined the band in 2010, adding new guitar arrangements and helping the development of Piro’s new material. The first album, “Emily”, was recorded later that year in the French Alps and released on Larsen Recordz. It features 60’s sounding pop songs, surf and exotic beats, and punkier numbers such as “Girl I like” or “Pick me up”.

The band’s live performances are quite discontinuous and rare, although Pissinboy played a fair amount of shows in London’s pubs, at Folkwelt (Fr) and Antifolk (UK) festivals, and also toured France and Italy a couple of times. Pissinboy played 2 live sessions on Resonance FM (London) in 2009 and 2012.

The second album is currently under preparation, and despite their lack of live gigs, Pissinboy are alive and well!

''Artists-cum-musicians can be a pretty hit or miss thing. For every Throbbing Gristle there are a hell of a lot of Yoko Onos. Thankfully Pissinboy, the musical arm of Italian artist Andrea Pirovano’s creative endeavours, is actually pretty damn good. ''

''The group, which began back in 2007 as the solo project of singer/guitarist Pirovano (or Piro for short), now features Graham Mushnik on drums and Juste Akiss on second guitar.
Based in Stoke Newington, the three-piece make lo-fi fuzz-pop, and kind of sound like a mariachi band who have discovered the joys of garage rock. Piro’s songs are endearingly simple, as are his lyrics, which concern everyday things like the colour of his tracksuit as he runs through Hackney Marshes. There is something really charming about Pissinboy’s music, which owes as much to the lo-fi naivety of Daniel Johnston as it does to '60s garage bands.
The group form part of indie label Catapulte Records, a collective of artists and musicians who are DIY through and through. Piro himself regularly puts on gigs around London, illustrating the promotional poster and flyers, as well as the Pissinboy artwork. Check out the group’s brilliant, bittersweet single ‘I Will Always Find You’, which was released last year as an EP on Catapulte''
Sophie Jacobs, Spoonfed

''Pissinboy is a guitar trio, an incredible song-machine.
Pissinboy's new album, Emily, documents a life in exile in London, with songs that act as anthropological studies of the minute banalities that make up life on the outskirts of the city.
it is a body of work that contains the words ''stir fries'', ''flip flops'' and ''pubs'' , and thus pretty much nails it. Pissinboy contains elements of the following: Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett, Jeffrey Lewis, Glenn Branca, Beach boys, Television Personalities. But not necessarily in that order, restricted to just these names, or even really much like any of these at all really.
Pissinboy is not a cynical operation, it performs songs with lyrics that describe what it has seen, and sounds that thrill, surprise and make you dance !''
Tim Burrows

''Weird, fuzzy 60s inspired pop sounds like it is destined to be on the soundtrack of a Wes Anderson film.''
N16 Magazine

Six for a fiver - 2011

Left temple - 2011


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Gentleman of Leisure LP
Vinyl LP - Larsen Rdz //


Emily LP
Vinyl LP - Larsen Rdz


Music to Cook To

compilation - CATACD007

First Take EP


Always Find You EP
Catapulte Records CATAEP004