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Gentleman of Leisure

[LP - May 2016 - catalp023]


A1. Gentleman of Leisure
A2. You are never there
A3. All is wrong
A4. Cultivated man
A5. Generation

B1. Weekends
B2. Troubled girls
B3. Forest
B4. Slums
B5. Bert is dead
It's not 60's Garage, not Post-Punk, not Psych-Pop, what is it then?

Singer-guitarist Andrea Pirovano's strong melodies and impeccable lyrics are the band's main weapons and drive the music.
But with Gentleman of Leisure, the three boys take it one step further with more inventive arrangements and a rawer sound than in their previous LP Emily.

The diversity of moods in the songs also differenciates Pissinboy from most power-trios: one may recognize the danceable beat of Congolese Soukous in the title song Gentleman Of Leisure (no wonder all 3 bandmembers also play in l'Orchestre du Montplaisant); the fuzzy Bontempi organ on Slums could be a subtle tribute to legendary producer Joe Meek; and in Bert is Dead, it's an obvious take on the Beach Boys' classic Pet Sounds.

Songs about East London's day-to-day life, existential matters, or simply love and dispair, make Gentleman of Leisure a journey through life's beauty and ugliness. A perfect long-player for your afternoon tea - or to accompany the first pint of the evening.

'All is wrong' 

"There is something really charming about Pissinboy’s music, which owes as much to the lo-fi naivety of Daniel Johnston as it does to 60’s Garage bands."
Sophie Jacobs, Spoonfed

"Pissinboy is not a cynical operation, it performs songs with lyrics that describe what it has seen, and sounds that thrill, surprise and make you dance!"
Tim Burrows, The Guardian

"Always a pleasure to be able to enjoy such carefree pop songs, great for driving; and simply stunning live."
Gereon Helmer, Ox Magazine

Pissinboy Gentleman Of Leisure
Catapulte Rds // Larsen Rds

Tim Burrows - The Guardian

"A million places or more to roam / might even end up on the moon / I’m better off down here on earth / in my local greasy spoon”
On Pissinboy’s new record Gentleman of Leisure, Andrea Piro is an EU migrant Ray Davies, interrogating and analysing his adopted home of London. The Italian songwriter's album paints a sometimes cruel city, but one that’s still worth it for the pay-off it still affords the artist, of anonymity, freedom and renewal.
On the song “Gentleman of Leisure” he’s fending off the judgements of others for his chosen lifestyle of “Stellas round Tels, watching Spurs beat the Gunners".
"Cultivated Man" is a knowingly Kinks-eque study of 21st century success in London, personified by a man “always in a suit / never without sweat / sipping from a flute sitting at a desk". In short, hes a “Well respected man who can’t be trusted, never cares.”
It's an impressionistic study of modern  London through a 60s pop lens, stylistically riffing on the Beach Boys ("Bert") and the Beatles as well as smatterings of other 60s beat groups. A diaristic impression of the London of the last five years in fuzzy psych-punk DIY form, featuring a reflection of the London riots (“I dream of a place where things don't weigh a place where things weigh nothing at all”) and a paen to carpe diem via the bittersweet tale of a rock star, "Bert" (“he said don't rest more than you need /cause every day could be your day”).
Pissinboy's new album is an investigation into the possibility of love in an unforgiving city, the answer an emphatic "maybe.