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Messe pour l'hiver

CD - February 2015 - catacd018

This 5-track CD compiles
Antonin Le Gargasson’s majestic work for the theatre production “Invierno”. Subtitled “Messe pour l’Hiver” (mass for Winter), this soundtrack has epic baroque accents and features beautiful lyrical singing (Vladimir Bendixen, Lorena Uribe Bracho) as well as futuristic synths sounds.
Although made to illustrate Norwegian author Jon Fosse’s play, it works perfectly as a purely sonic experience, slow and dramatic, yet melodic and imaginative.

Composed and produced in Mexico City in collaboration with theatre company Festina Lente Theatrum, Invierno celebrates the unusual union between the independent music world and Mexican theatre.

1. Introit
2. Graduel

3. Allelluia
4. Antienne
5. Finale


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Available May 2015